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Dyno & Tuning

Erico Motorsports, your Authorized Power Commander Tuning Center, using our state-of-the art Dynamometer, can custom-build a map for your particular set-up that will optimize the capabilities of your bike and take full advantage of any performance modifications that have been made.

Power CommanderThe Power Commander is a fuel injection and ignition timing (on some models) adjustment unit that plugs "inline" with the bikes' stock ECU (electronic control unit). The PC uses original equipment style connectors so that no splicing or cutting of the harness is required. Most installations take less than 15 minutes, some as little as 5 minutes. Changes are made to the bikes fuel and ignition curves via the PC's onboard microprocessor. Using this technology we are able to offer a large area of adjustment without making any permanent changes to the bikes' ECU. Removing the PC returns the bike to its previous stock condition.

Dyno Chart
How much horsepower will it give me?

Well that can depend upon many things but what we can tell you is "The perfect air/fuel ratio will ensure that the engine can produce the maximum possible horsepower for that given combination." We must also understand that a typical street rider spends a great deal of time riding in part throttle conditions. Shown below are two graphs of a motorcycle before and after installation of the Power Commander. The top graph shows the horsepower curve accelerating at a 40% throttle opening and the lower graph shows the corresponding air / fuel ratio. You can see a large horsepower increase between the two. The red curve shows a typical stock motorcycle with minor performance modifications (slip-on exhaust). The blue curve shows that same combination with the PC installed and you can see that the line is nearly straight. So the rider will feel a large improvement while riding the motorcycle and it is very possible that the peak wide open throttle horsepower is unchanged. The correct air/fuel ratio number (say 12.9:1 or 13.2:1) depends upon many factors like combustion chamber design but what we want is that figure at every point in the curve (straight line).

Dyno Testimonial

I started out with a Triumph T509 Speed Triple. 18 months later I stepped up to the 955i Speed Triple. The 955i has a Wunoff underseat exhaust system. I soon installed a K&N air filter and saw a slight positive change. The only complaint would be a small hesitation problem just off idle. The 955i had very strong low and middle power but started to whimp out in the higher rev range too. The bike sounded great, but there was something missing. I felt there was a lot of untapped power potential that needed some coaxing out. This is where the Power Commander saved the day.

I rode my bike down to Erico's Dyno Day and took the Dyno test. My bike tested at 91.7 rear wheel hp. I was not satisfied with the results and validated my thoughts that my bike had much more to offer.

I purchased the Power Commander and the Custom Tune/Mapping. The price seemed a little high but if I got the end result, something that was the cure to all my bikes' ales, it would be absolutely worth every penny... and it was.

I had a 14 rear wheel hp increase. The 955i is now putting down 105hp and is the sweet machine that it should be.

Leaving Erico after the installation I had a the biggest happy grin. It was everything and more. The throttle hesitation is comepletely gone. The change in the throttle response is incredible. The power curve is now perfectly steady and smooth and stronger than ever!

The Power Commander was worth every penny, a simple solution to round my bike out perfectly. In fact, Power Commander may just be my next tattoo.

Thank you Erico Motorsports and Power Commander,
Jeff Block